About Us

We are market intelligence platform!

We are a group of market research specialists and have been delivering the widest coverage of Indonesia imports & exports with the most comprehensive & authentic shipment details since 2011. Besides Indonesia shipment data, we also provide trade data of 70 other countries. Our detailed Indonesia import and export trade data covers market intelligence information on traded commodities and companies.

What We Do

We collect Indonesia import export statistics in raw form from Indonesian Customs, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations and other valid sources. This raw data is uploaded on our database. Our qualified team of database specialists filter every shipment detail to check and verify Indonesia trade statistics. After completing filtration process, a detailed report containing Bill of Lading data is prepared in Excel format and delivered to our clients.

our vision

Our Vision

“To become world’s No.1 choice of import-export data for importers, exporters, logistics companies, banks, business analysts, sales & marketing teams, media groups, NGOs and other businesses.”

our Mission

Our Mission

“To fill information gap between importers and exporters with the most updated & comprehensive data and emerge as a prime source of Indonesia customs data for our esteemed clients.”

our Values

Our Values

  • Honesty :- To maintain an honest business relation with our clients.
  • Passionate :- To be the first to collect and deliver Indonesia trade data.
  • Commitment:- To provide great data satisfaction to our clients.
  • Transparency:- To deliver clean & error-free data and report.

Our Specialities

company coverage

Company Coverage

Access shipment details with contact information of Indonesian importers & exporters to find the best prospects.

Product Evaluation

Product Evaluation

View & analyse product specifications such as brand, model, type, etc. on 2, 4, 6 & 8 digit level HS Codes.

Monthly Data Update

Monthly Data Update

Get latest updates on Indonesian market as data is updated in every month.

How We Differ

  • We are ISO certified and our data is 100% verified & authentic.
  • We provide detailed customs-based information on Indonesia imports and exports.
  • We provide company names, product specifications, etc. in our Indonesia trade data.
  • Historical data of Indonesia trade is available since 2010.
  • We provide excellent customer support to answer queries of our clients.