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Indonesia import data is a complete collection of trade statistics on which enters at Indonesian ports via sea, air and road. From company names to product details, a wide range of columns is covered in detailed Indonesia trade data.

We are the world’s largest and the most authentic source of Indonesia import data as we get this data from Indonesian customs and other authorized agencies such as port authorities, logistics & shipping companies, trade associations and government ministries. We have the most searchable database in which raw data is uploaded and get filtered by our data specialists. Thus, we are able to produce error-free, clean and detailed market research reports on Indonesia imports.

Indonesia Import Data Sample

Our shipment data of Indonesia imports reveals inside information of market, trading commodities and companies with vast range of columns. See two import samples of Indonesia and get a complete overview of fields which are covered in Indonesia bill of lading data.

Date 31-01-2019
HS Code 27011100
Product Description Carburizer C/No. 051002726-07181-1
Importer Name PT Komatsu Indonesia
Importer Address JL. Raya Cakung Cilincing KM.4 Jakarta Utra 14140
Exporter Name New Chien TEHang Co. Ltd.
Exporter Address No. 288, Central 2nd RD, Wuqi Dist. Talchung City
Exporter Country Taiwan, Province of China
Origin Country Taiwan, Province of China
Origin Port Taichung
Destination Port Tanjung Priok
Quantity 3090
Unit KGM
Net Weight 3090
CIF Value (USD) 1578.99
Import Duty (IDR) 1116661
Import Duty (USD) 76.86
Import Duty Percent 4.86
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Indonesia Imports in Last 10 Years

According to Indonesia trade statistics, the country’s imports recorded continuous rise from 2009 to 2012. From year 2013, import figures declined till 2016, which again rose in 2017 from US$ 156 billion to US$ 188 billion in 2018. Have a look at Indonesia’s imports in the last 10 years.


Year Value in US$ Billion
2009 96
2010 135
2011 177
2012 191
2013 186
2014 178
2015 142
2016 135
2017 156
2018 188

Indonesia Imports in Last 10 Years

Top 10 Indonesia Import Commodities in 2018

Mineral fuels and oils are the largest import product of Indonesia, followed by machinery and electronics. According to Indonesia import statistics, Indonesia’s top 10 imports amounted to 66.47% to total imports. Have a look at the list of major import commodities of Indonesia with their percentage share recorded in 2018.

Chapter Product Description % Share
27 Mineral Fuels and Oils 16.74
84 Machinery, Mechanical Appliances, etc. 14.41
85 Electrical Machinery and Equipment 11.37
72 Iron and Steel 5.43
39 Plastics 4.88
87 Vehicles 4.28
29 Organic Chemicals 3.67
73 Articles of Iron and Steel 2.06
10 Cereals 2.01
23 Residues and Waste from the Food Industries 1.62
Top 10 Indonesia Import Commodities in 2018

10 Largest Import Partners of Indonesia in 2018

China stood as the largest import source of Indonesia, shipment data updates. As per Indonesia customs data, the country purchased 24.1% of total goods from China in 2018. Indonesia’s top 10 import partners accounted 74% of total value in the said year. Have a look at 10 largest import partners of Indonesia with their percentage shares.

Country % Share
China 24.1
Singapore 11.4
Japan 9.5
Thailand 5.8
United States of America 5.4
South Korea 4.8
Malaysia 4.6
Australia 3.1
India 2.7
Saudi Arabia 2.6
10 Largest Import Partners of Indonesia in 2018

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