About Export Data of Indonesia | Indonesian About Export Report

Get detailed about export data of Indonesia with exporters shipment details. This report on Indonesian about export is useful in market analysis.

Period HS Code Product Description Destination Country Port of Loading Port of Discharge Qty Unit FOB Value Exporter Name Importer Name
2019-01 44129400 indonesian block board about 100m3 aspersales and purchase contractno.trp-0166 JAPAN Banjarmasin Nagoya Aichi 109.71 CUBIC METRES 43952.93 View Exporter *****
2019-01 52085990 batik fabric cotton 100% broadcloth handblocked/ wax process/ hand tie dyeconstruction about : 110x90/ 50x50 UNITED STATES Cengkareng Sukarno Hatta u New York 682.3 YRD 1871.64 View Exporter *****
2019-01 55151100 polyester cotton 65/35 suiting stock lotplain dyed x about 15-40 metres UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Tanjung Priok Dubai 2724 METRE 5561.27 View Exporter *****
2019-01 52085990 batik fabric cotton 100%, broadcloth,hand blocked/ wax process/ hand tie dye,construction about: 110x90/50x50 ; batikhand blocked 3 sku patterns 3 color UNITED STATES Tanjung Priok Seattle 1334.05 YRD 3521.78 View Exporter *****
2019-01 52085990 batik fabric cotton 100%, broadcloth hand blocked/wax process/hand tie dye construction about : 110x90/ 50x50 batik handblocked 9 sku patterns 14 color UNITED STATES Tanjung Priok Los Angeles 3746.05 YRD 9177.82 View Exporter *****
2019-01 52030000 10 percentage more or less allowedcombernoil about 14,660.00 kg VIET NAM Tanjung Priok Haiphong 14660 KILOGRAM 16437.1 View Exporter *****
2019-01 54071099 1. textile piece goods, 58 inches xabout22.86 meters per piece UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Tanjung Priok Jebel Ali 14203.71 METRE 21162.74 View Exporter *****
2019-01 44123100 about 118.9530 cbm indonesian falcataplywood bb/cc. t2mr,sanding two side,sizesas follows KUWAIT Tanjung Emas Shuaiba 119 CUBIC METRES 38,062 View Exporter *****
2019-01 54071099 indent no. in185628: polyester fabrics58inches x about 18.5-27.5 meters UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Tanjung Priok Jebel Ali 9462 METRE 14,800 View Exporter *****
2019-01 61103000 jersey long sleeve black all brand sizel,jersey long sleeve red all brand sizexl,arm sleeve blue camou,multifunctional.headwear all about bass SWEDEN Tanjung Priok Goteborg 4 PCE 48,974 View Exporter *****

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