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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Port of Loading Port of Discharge Qty Unit Value in USD Importer Name Exporter Name
3/16/2020 94055090 P10 Smd Outdoor 320x160mm Leddisplay Module,receipt No.0217685 China Nansha New Pt Tanjung Emas 1093.0 PCE 956.91 View Importer *****
3/9/2020 85285200 Hp Prodisplay P17a Led Mnt - F4m97aa - Bo S2js47324245 China Singapore Container Termi Tanjung Priok 50.0 NIU 4162.0 View Importer *****
3/2/2020 85312000 Led Display Seven Segment W3032 Berupa Panel Indikator Untuk Display Angka/grafik Es-420050-00a China Hong Kong Tanjung Emas 5000.0 PCE 2062.07 View Importer *****
1/23/2019 84749010 Display Scale Meter Tolledo Ind320 Baik CHINA Qingdao Tanjung Perak 2 PCE 3210.4 View Importer *****
1/21/2019 85285200 Hp Prodisplay P232 Ledblt Monitor -k7x31aa -bo S2js46365190 CHINA Singapore Tanjung Priok 10 NUMBER OF INTERNATIONAL UNIT 1007.49 View Importer *****
1/11/2019 85285200 Hp Prodisplay P232 Ledblt Monitor -k7x31aa -bo S2js46350228 CHINA Singapore Tanjung Priok 78 NUMBER OF INTERNATIONAL UNIT 7940.63 View Importer *****
1/11/2019 85285200 Hp Prodisplay P232 Ledblt Monitor -k7x31aa -bo S2js46346979 CHINA Singapore Tanjung Priok 72 NUMBER OF INTERNATIONAL UNIT 7329.82 View Importer *****
1/10/2019 85312000 Display,conf.320*240 Led Ws Stn GERMANY Singapore Cengkareng Sukarno Hatta u 3 PCE 700.89 View Importer *****
1/9/2019 85285910 Led Display (p10 Smd Outdoor Led Display) Each Cabinet Includes 1pc Receiving Card Mrv328 Kd: Baik/baru CHINA Shekou Tanjung Priok 110 SET 75356.4 View Importer *****

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