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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Port of Loading Port of Discharge Qty Unit Value in USD Importer Name Exporter Name
3/27/2020 84239010 Spurgear Racks Pn.00035098 Delaere Belgium Antwerpen Wilrijk Tanjung Perak 2.0 EA 247.01 View Importer *****
3/27/2020 84239010 Spurgear Rack Pn.00037372 Delaere Belgium Antwerpen Wilrijk Tanjung Perak 1.0 EA 176.29 View Importer *****
3/27/2020 84239010 Gear Rack Cr28200 Pn.00007584 Delaere Belgium Antwerpen Wilrijk Tanjung Perak 1.0 EA 207.04 View Importer *****
3/18/2020 73261900 Chain Guide, Link, Pinion Gear, Plate, Spindle, Sprocket, Thin Tooth, Bracket Singapore Jurong Sekupang 78385.0 PCE 23345.12 View Importer *****
3/13/2020 73182910 Axle, Adapter, Chain Guide, Clamp, Lock Ring, Plate, Ring Gear, Shell, Sprocket, Bracket, Link Singapore Jurong Sekupang 168769.0 PCE 26337.12 View Importer *****
3/11/2020 39191099 Sticker, Plate, Service Instruction, Nut, Washer, Axle, Spring, Back Yoke, Bracket, Assembly, Cone, Hub Axle, Pawl, Pinion Gear, Steel Ball, Magnet, Qr Assembly Singapore Jurong Sekupang 1459044.0 PCE 38335.5 View Importer *****
3/11/2020 84669390 Gear Rack Lower - - - India Jurong Batu Ampar 444.0 PCE 3240.2 View Importer *****
3/10/2020 39191099 Sticker, Lens, Retainer, Service Instruction, Nut, Bolt, Screw, Washer, Axle, Pin, Spacer, Washer, Spring, Bracket Assembly, Cup, Hub Axle, Pawl, Plate, Sun Gear, Lever Singapore Jurong Sekupang 794129.0 PCE 18748.68 View Importer *****
3/9/2020 73261900 Bracket, Clamp, Hub Shell, Link, Pinion Gear, Plate, Ring Gear, Spring Plate, Sprocket Singapore Jurong Sekupang 118626.0 PCE 25629.61 View Importer *****
3/5/2020 73261900 Bracket, Chain Guide, Clamp, Ring Gear, Spindle Singapore Jurong Sekupang 60080.0 PCE 14538.56 View Importer *****

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